Talking Numbers – 2012 | Commandments Of the Creator

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Talking Numbers is a revolutionary science, consisting of Aura, which reveals help from others, Numbers which reveal fortune & future, Names which reveal performance, Colours which reveal personality and Directions, which reveal results of decisions taken. Talking numbers provide good, average and bad times in terms of years, split into months, months split into days and days split into hours for guiding and planning for a better future. Talking Numbers-2012,for businessmen, executives, professionals, employees and all others, will show daily status of activities, programmes, outputs, important decisions, commitments savings and expenses and similarly Talking Numbers-2012,for students will show best and good times for studies, along with lucky directions.

Subject Astrology
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ISBN 9788192170280
Author S. S. Khaamba
Publisher Akshar Publications
Language English
Page count 353
Book Format Paper Back

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