A Book For The Seriously Stressed

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If you're always exploding at the wrong time like a faulty firework, if you find yourself getting angry in the car, at home or at work for no apparaent reasons; and if you constantly feel out of balance and don't know why, then this book is definitely for you: it may save your life.

Stress can take over your life. It can consume every waking moment, interfere with fun and ruin relationships. It can and does harm people who disregard its potency.  Read this book and find out how to heal yourself and get your life back on an even keel.

Why should you read it?

Because it has been written by a man who has had a lifetime of stressful scenarios from which to draw. Buy it; it will be the best investment you wil ever make. If not, you can always throw it at the neighbour's cat the next time it keeps you awake until the early hours.

  • What causes stress
  • Who is prone to stress
  • Understanding the enemy
  • Understanding others
  • Why we always hurt the ones we love.
  • Our immediate reactions to stress
  • Symptoms of short term and long term stress
  • Learning coping mechanisms to deal with stress.
  • How to use stress as an energy force
  • Relief from stress

This book teaches you the secrets of controlling and using stress to your advantage. Go on - transform your life!.

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ISBN 9788183281620
Author Geoff Thompson
Publisher Wisdom Tree
Language English
Page count 252
Book Format Paper Back

Categories: Self-Help Books Health, Mind & Body Books Yoga & Meditation Personality Development

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