Pran Oorja - Raho Positive hamesha !

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Pran Oorja - Raho Positive hamesha !

Yoga is a great need of our time. With increasing stress and demanding lifestyle it is very important for us all to maintain harmony of the mind, body and soul. Pran Oorja is a true respite in such times. It unfolds the goodness of Yoga in two packages of yogic practices: Pran Oorja Yog: A series of various yogic-kriyas, aasanas and pranayam, especially designed for the corporate world. Purely scientific in nature the practices take only 30 minutes of your day, leaving you active and fresh forever. Pran Oorja Yog increases immunity of the body and keeps diseases at bay. It is highly effective in keeping a person agile and youthful for a long time. Pran Oorja Kriya: Three simple breathing exercises of one minute each, it can be practiced anywhere, anytime. The mind attains peace and attentiveness with this kriya. At the same time, it also increases positive attitude, creativity and understanding power of an individual. Give into Pran Oorja daily? it is the key to wholesome wellness.

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Subject Meditation
ISBN 9788189906410
Author Suirakshit Goswami
Publisher Times Group Book
Language English
Book Format Hardbound

Categories: Yoga & Meditation Health, Mind & Body Books

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