40 Minutes with God

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Prayers heal; even science admits it.  Several doctors across the globe are engaging spirituality to speed recovery and cure cases declared incurable from a purely medical point of view.  Vinod Kumar Nigam is one such doctor. He has developed his own techniques that involve using imagery and prayers alongwith medical treatment to heal patients with a myriad of ailments – from depression, prostrate problems, cancers to fatal war wounds. He knows from his years of experience and from like-minded peers that medical miracles are possible through divine intervention.  And through this book, he offers a scientific approach to health through faith and prayer. It is replete with views of other medical and science professionals like Dr Larry Dossey and Deepak Chopra about healing with the grace of God.

Rather than lengthy philosophizing, he quotes research, real-life success stories to help make his case.  He also gives away the treasure trove of prayers to achieve everything from health to happiness. In the later chapters, he also shares with the readers the healing techniques he has developed for various ailments.  He briefly explains the physiology of each ailment before prescribing medical and imagery solutions for it.  The book offers enough evidence that to your body needs more than food, care and medicine to unleash its hidden healing potential – faith.

Dr. V.K. Nigam, a surgeon, prays to alleviate his patient’s sufferings and cure them of chronic illnesses. In 40 Minutes With God, he shares his meditation techniques and shows how spirituality can breach the boundaries that limit traditiional medicine. He does not rely on his skills with the scalpel alone, he prays for his patients. He is one of the few Indian doctors who has a medical technique patent to his name, that is "Window Operation" for Hydrocele.


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Author Vinod Kumar Nigam & Siddharth Nigam
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