Jesus – A Story of Enlightenment By Deepak Chopra

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Jesus – A Story of Enlightenment By Deepak Chopra


Very little is known about Jesus in his formative years. In the Gospel stories, we witness the birth of Jesus and then see him as a young boy of twelve, intensely questioning the Rabbis in the Second Temple in Jerusalem. He does not reappear until age thirty when he emerges as the potent and stirring rebel baptized by John at the River Jordan. What happened to Jesus in those lost years? How did Jesus the boy become Christ the Saviour?

These are the questions that motivate bestselling writer Deepak Chopra to attempt a fresh re-imagining of a young man’s transformational journey from carpenter’s son to revolutionary leader to spiritual saviour. From his unceremonious birth in Bethlehem to the ultimate betrayal by his friend Judas in Jerusalem, Chopra captures the life of one of the world’s most written about men, as never before.


“The Jesus who is left out of the New Testament turns out to be in many ways the most important Jesus for modern times. His aspiration to find salvation vibrates in every heart. If it didn’t, the brief career of a controversial, largely despised rabbi on the outskirts of first-century Jewish society wouldn’t mean much. Yet as we all know, that obscure rabbi became imbedded forever in myth and symbol.”

-From The Author’s Note


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