National Geographic Quake – The Next Big One

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National Geographic Quake – The Next Big One

Inside Chernobyl 32
Nuclear Comeback 54
Glen Canyon Revealed 64
The New Venezuela 82
Dragonfiles 104
It’s a Dog’s Life 148


Thin is definitely not in. A dedicated forager, the European ground squirrel works hard to pack on all the weight it can handle. After all, it has to life off its stored body fat for six to eight months as it hibernates through the cold weather in an undergraound den. Mature males emerge frist, in February or March, followed by females and immature males. Adults waste no time in starting a family since the young – born naked – need to grow and fatten up before their first winter rolls around. This cycle of life is under threat as agricultural development, building activity and afforestation lay claim to the squirrel’s natural grassland habitat.

As an active, committed global corporation, we join worldwide efforts to promote awareness of endangered species. Just one way we are working to make the world a b

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