Dynamic Memory Computer Course with CD – ROM (In HINDI)

This book 12 Latest Computer Programmes + Introducing Vista, Memory Guru Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury.

Dynamic Memory Computer Course with CD – ROM  (In HINDI)


Dynamic Memory Computer Course with CD – ROM

12 Latest Computer Programmes + Introducing Vista

Memory Guru Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

By Davinder Singh Minhas

This book comes with a free CD –ROM, containing tutorial to learn the latest software and practice test in a play-way method that complement what you read in the book

This book is based on WYSIWYG ((What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get)) method – i.e. whatever you see in this book you will see on your computer screen as well.


In today’s world, knowledge about computer and its uses is no more a luxury but a necessity. This book has been brought out keeping this necessity in mind.


From an invention that was designed for calculation (computing) to a revolution that has changed the face and pace of the whole world, computer has indeed come a long way in the time line. With the advent of computer, the world has changed so much that it may not have changed as much in centuries put together. In this book, the fantastic feat of the computer from its inception to its vital statistics is covered. From an expert to a novice, this book will be handy tool - a novice will feel as if he/she has become an expert on computer. Every nuance, from hardware to software, Internet to networking, from MS-Office to windows Xp/Vista – a reader will get he wants to know about the computer world.


In this book you will find educational sound and easy-to-follow pedagogy that combines a step-by-step approach with corresponding screens.


The language of this book has been deliberately kept, keeping the user in mind. The experienced author, who writes generally for students, has taken special care to present this book in a easy-to-read and understand style. Each screen in the book is exact because it has been produced by the author only after performing the step, providing unprecedented quality. This will be a treasure trove that you would hesitate to put down once you have picked it up.



Author Name: Davinder Singh Minhas

ISBN: 818419255X

Pages: 603

Size: 24cm X 18.4cm

Price: Rs.250/-



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