25 Big Ideas : The Science That's Changing Our World

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25 Big Ideas : The Science That's Changing Our World

By Robert Matthews

Artificial Intelligence

Chaos Theory

Nature Versus Nurture

Bayes’s Theorem

Dark Energy


Parallel Universes

From the Big Bang to the Theory of Everything via the Selfish Gene and GM crops, award-winning science writer Robert Matthews unveils twenty-five of the most revolutionary ideas in 21st century science. He describers the astonishing insights they give into the workings of nature-and the human story behind their discovery. The result is an essential guide to the cutting edge of science and what it reveals about the universe and our place with it.

Published in association with BBC Focus magazine, each chapter includes a brilliantly accessible account of the key idea, together with a time-line, jargon-buster, and “in a nutshell summary”

The science correspondent for The Sunday Telegraph and other magazines introduces the twenty-five most influential scientific ideas currently in circulation, from the Big Bang theory to the science behind the barcode scanner in the local grocery store. Original.

About the Author: Robert Matthews is visiting reader in science at Aston University, Birmingham. He has published pioneering research in fields ranging from code-breaking to the probability of coincidences, and won an lg Nobel Prize for his studies of Murphy’s Law, including the reasons why toast so often lands butter-side down. He is also an award-winning journalist who writes on science issues for many publications, including BBC Focus, The Sunday Telegraph, The Financial Times and news Scientist.

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