Religion,Morality and Socio-Political Philosophy

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The Title 'Religion, Morality and Socio-Political Philosophy : A Comparative Study of John Dewey and Ambedkar's written by Seshagirirao Regulagadda' was published in the year 2015. The ISBN number 9789351281306 is assigned to the Hardcover version of this title. This book has total of pp. 224 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Kalpaz Publications. This Book is in English., The present study tries to examine John Dewey and Ambedkar's views on religious morality and socio-political philosophy in which both Ambedkar and John Dewey shared same ideas. Dewey opined that many religions generally consider themselves to be great. Their religious morality is important because they give more importance to human values. According to him practising a dignified social life is the greatest religion than other religions. In the same way, Ambedkar's model of theory on religion is a good model available for us in India to emulate. We need to follow Ambedkar's methodology not only to learn from the great master and achieve what he did, but also to carry forward his struggle to liberate all stigmas. It is quite clear that Ambedkar and John Deweys' intervention in the philosophical realm is clearly guided by the socio-political reason. This book takes its independent stand on this philosophical ground. Dr. Seshagirirao Regulagadda is a UGC Post-Doctoral Fellow (2009-11). He taught to Graduate and Under Graduate students in colleges in Andhra Pradesh in South India for two years. He teaches political Philosophy and Religious philosophy to some institutes in South India as a visiting scholar. Seshagiri Rao has contributed several research papers to different National and International seminars and also having many publications on Ambedkar's philosophy in various levels CONTENTS Introduction 7 CHAPTER - I John Dewey's and Ambedkar's Comparative Study on Religious Philosophy 21 CHAPTER - II John Dewey's and Ambedkar's Comparative Study on Moral Philosophy 85 CHAPTER - III John Dewey's and Ambedkar's Comparative Study on Socio-Political Philosophy 135 Conclusion 199 Bibliography 211

Edition 1st
Subject Political Science/Philosphy/religion
ISBN 9.78935E+12
Author Seshagirirao Regulagadda
Publisher Kalpaz Publications
Imprint date 2015
Volume single
Language English
Page count 224
Book Format Hardcover

Categories: Gyan Books

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