India's Intellectual Desert

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Description:- , About The Author:- V. T .Rajshekar ,in full Vontibettu Thimmappa Rajshekar, also known as V.T.Rajshekar Shetty, (born 1932) is thefounderand editor of the Dalit Voice, which has been described in a release by Human Rights Watch as "India's most widely circulated Dalit journal". He is himself not a Dalit, he is the son of late P.S.Thimmappa Shetty, who retired as the Collector of South Kanara District. He is from well-known Vontibettu Beedu family belonging to the higher caste Bunt community. A Graduate of Madras university and author of over 20 books, translated into many languages, worked for 20 years for leading English language dailies, considered one of India's rare original thinkers, he has attempted to combine the essentials of Marxism and the Philosophy of the late Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, a prominent advocate of the human rights of India's Black untouchable. Rajshekar was married to Hema Rajshekar until her death. His son Salil Shetty works for Amnesty International in London. In 2005 Rajshekar received the London Institute of South Asia (LISA) Book of the Year Award. About The Book:- India Has Never Seen A Revolution In Its Long History Because It Was Never One Single Nation. A Revolution Is Possible Only When Those Launching It Belong To One Nation. The Country's Oppressed And The Persecuted Millions (85%) Are Today Made To Believe That Their Suffering, Misery And Poverty Are Due To Their Own Past Misdeeds. In Other Words, The Untouchables, The Worst Sufferers Of The Caste Apartheid, Are Made To Believe That They Are Suffering Because Of Their Past Deeds (Karma). When The Oppressed Has Not Even Identified The Oppressor How Can There Be Any Revolution?, About The Author:- V. T .Rajshekar ,In Full Vontibettu Thimmappa Rajshekar, Also Known As V.T.Rajshekar Shetty, (Born 1932) Is Thefounderand Editor Of The Dalit Voice, Which Has Been Described In A Release By Human Rights Watch As "India's Most Widely Circulated Dalit Journal". He Is Himself Not A Dalit, He Is The Son Of Late P.S.Thimmappa Shetty, Who Retired As The Collector Of South Kanara District. He Is From Well-Known Vontibettu Beedu Family Belonging To The Higher Caste Bunt Community. A Graduate Of Madras University And Author Of Over 20 Books, Translated Into Many Languages, Worked For 20 Years For Leading English Language Dailies, Considered One Of India's Rare Original Thinkers, He Has Attempted To Combine The Essentials Of Marxism And The Philosophy Of The Late Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, A Prominent Advocate Of The Human Rights Of India's Black Untouchable. Rajshekar Was Married To Hema Rajshekar Until Her Death. His Son Salil Shetty Works For Amnesty International In London. In 2005 Rajshekar Received The London Institute Of South Asia (Lisa) Book Of The Year Award.,
Edition 1st
Subject Dalit
ISBN 9.78812E+12
Author V.T. Rajshekar
Publisher Gyan Publishing House
Imprint date 2015
Volume single
Language English
Page count 50
Book Format Paperback

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