Juliet Sharman Burke’s Complete Tarot Pack

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Juliet Sharman Burke’s Complete Tarot Pack

Everything You Need To Become A Tarot Reader


By Juliet Sharman Burke’s

Juliet Sharman Burke’s Complete Tarot Pack

Juliet Sharman Burke’s is one of the world’s foremost teachers of the Tarot . This bumper pack includes her first book The Complete Book Of Tarot now revised and re-illustrated, the Sharman - Caselli deck with cards illustrated by renowned artist Giovanni Caselli and My Tarot, a deck of card outlines for you to color yourself!


Now you can follow Juliet’s structured learning programme to make your first acquaintance with the cards and their symbolism, use the acclaimed Sharman- Caselli deck to make first readings and then create your own deck in which every card will feel like a personal friend.


Welcome To Juliet Sharman-Burke’s Complete World Of Tarot!

Juliet Sharman Burke is also the author of Beginner’s Guide to Tarot, Tarot Workbook, The Mythic Tarot Workbook, Understanding the Tarot and Mastering the Tarot. She is co-author, with Liz Greene, of The Mythic Tarot and The Mythic Journey. Juliet is a practicing analytical psychotherapist and has taught Tarot and astrology for 25 years.


Author: Juliet Sharman Burke’s


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Author Juliet Sharman Burke’s

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