101 Pilgrimages

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* A single book with comprehensive, information-driven and user-friendly presentation of the chief sites of pilgrimage for Hindus, with a section on popular multi-faith destinations across the country.
* Detailed coverage of some of the greatest yatras, including in-depth features on both routes of the Kailash-Manasarovar Yatra.
* Sections on the Jyotirlingas, the Panchabhoota Shivasthalas, the 6 sacred abodes of Subrahmanya, kshetras where holy rivers are born, and sites associated with some of India's foremost saints.
* Amazing insights into the rich heritage of mythology, history, architecture and traditions across the geographical span of India .
* Reviews of hotels with key focus on affordable mid-range options; recommendations from writers on where to find clean rooms, linen and bathrooms, be it in bustling metros or little villages.
* A handy compilation of other things you can see, do and experience while in your destination.
* How to prepare and what to pack while on a yatra, fares and packages, timings (of bhog too!), festival calendars, temple telephone numbers, route guides, where to eat and shop, how best to get around locally. Fact Files, information on everything from suggested itineraries and how to manage time on a day trip to how to deal with altitude sickness and where to find vegetarian food...and much more

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