100 Questions From My Child

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Who Am I?

“Mommy, if God is inside me,

Why can’t I feel him moving around?”

What Does It Mean To Be Good?

“If you are bad, will you become a dog in your next life?”

What Is Love?

“When is our dog coming back from heaven?”

In our rush-rush world, it's sometimes hard to slow down and match the pace and the natural, wide-eyed wonder of our kids. Chopra shows the harried parent how much power rests in those small moments, and how parents can turn each one into an opportunity to teach empathy, understanding and spiritual growth."

The author of 100 Promises to My Baby explores 100 questions children ask, sometimes whimsical, often mystical, and shares some insights on how to foster a child’s imagination, creativity, and sense of self.

"As a mom, I realized early on that my children were looking to me for answers," Mallika Chopra writes. "Even before they could speak, they were asking questions, questions about how to interact with the world. And it was my reaction to these questions that began to shape their worldview, their sense of security and trust." Embracing the responsibilities of parenthood as a sacred trust, Mallika shares with other moms and dads her own quest for answers to the questions her children posed as they sought to make sense of their feelings and the world around them.”

ISBN 9788174366860
Author Mallika Chopra
Language English
Page count 100

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