The Future Of Cricket

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When Money Talks, Cricket Listens.

How big money, administrators and players are powering a new cricketing world: an inside account

It is clear we are at a critical stage of cricket development... If administrators make smart decisions, then tests, one-day and T20 can all survive together. Three different forms are still very much one game.

The advent of Twenty20 always promised - or threatened - change. In the wake of the second phenomenally popular IPL tournament, this book gives a detailed insider's account of the development and launch of the tournament that has already changed international cricket forever.

From the glitz and glamour of the cheerleaders and celebrity owners to the dramatic player auctions, the excitement of the competition and the shadow of terrorism, this chronicle of the first IPL Twenty20 tournament and its aftermath shows the new face of cricket.

In this frank and entertaining book, John Buchanan, offers his predictions about the evolution of the game, rising stars to watch and new innovations for play. Filled with on-field highlights, off-field controversies and behind-the-scenes insights, this is an invaluable exploration of the future of cricket.

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Author John Buchanan
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