Rani Padmini: The Heroine of Chittor

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Rani Padmini: The Heroine of Chittor is an insightful account of the life and times of a queen about whom not much is known. Over the centuries, Padmini has emerged as an icon of national honour. The book offers fascinating vignettes of her life and the times she lived in. The politics of her times and the danger and humiliation that the queens were exposed to is mirrored in the book. The author brings together poets, politicians and people in one narrative. This book becomes an important treatise as of late, many historians have expressed doubts about her very existence.

After tapping many relevant literary, archaeological, epigraphic, numismatic and other sources of information, the author finally concludes that the illustrious queen of Chittor was, indeed, a historical reality.

About The Author –

B.K. Karkra has had the privilege of putting on four different uniforms in his career - the olive green of the Indian Army, the khaki of the Indian police, the grey of the National Security Guards (better known as the Black Cat Commondos), and the black of an advocate. Besides this, he is also a freelance journalist and has contributed hundreds of articles on wide-ranging subjects to several national and regional dailies.

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