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What you will learn from this book:-

    * How each server of a Joomla! System can be installed and configured for maximum performance
    * The process of creating a module from scratch
    * Ways to use Ajax to add dynamic data retrieval to Joomla!
    * Techniques for using design patterns to solve common programming Problems
    * How to create and retain a virtual community
    *  Procedures for tuning a Joomla! Site for both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Management (SEM)

Who this book is for:-

This book is for web developers, hobbyists, web designers, bloggers, corporate content creators, and support specialists who are looking to build a more robust web site. Basic skills in the area of PHP programming are necessary.

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ISBN 9788126515160
Author Dan Rahmel
Publisher Wiley Publication
Language English
Page count 457
Book Format Paper Back

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