Optical Networking in Telecommunication

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As networks face increasing bandwidth demand and diminishing fibre availability, network providers are moving towards a crucial milestone in network evolution: the optical network. This book has successfully dealt with all technology related issues like, how is an optical network different from existing networks, which network elements are required for optical networks, what applications do optical networks best suit, etc. The book explains the technologies, architectures, and market trends for emerging optical networks and is primarily designed for undergraduate and graduate students of Electronics & Telecommunications.

Key Features
— Includes detailed discussion on topics like Wavelength Routing Plans, Optical Cross-Connect (OXC), Optical Fibre Capacity, Optical Power Measurements, Optical Transmitters & Receivers, SONET systems, etc.
— Separate chapter on markets for Optical Networks has been added
— Exhaustive coverage of Fibre Optic Communications and related technologies

ISBN 9788184950040
Author S. Mukherjee
Publisher Jaico
Language English
Page count 240

Categories: Engineering Science

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