Encounters That Changed The World

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This book describes a selection of major human encounters, the backgrounds of the people involved, and the effects of those encounters on the course of history. Did you know that…

Almost everything we know about Socrates has come to us through the writings of his pupil Plato?

William Wilberforce was persuaded to stay in politics and see through the abolition of slavery by the writer of Amazing Grace, John Newton, who was an ex-slaver?

More than 90 major encounters are arranged according to type: from meetings with aliens and with God to great friendships and political and creative relationships. Within each section the encounters are described in chronological order.

Each article includes:

·        The names and backgrounds of those involved in the encounter.

·        How, when and where the encounter took place.

·        What happened and what the immediate consequences were.

·        The ways in which the encounter changed history.

Why is it what we often know about an encounter only from one side?

Why does so much that happens depend upon chance encounters?


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ISBN 9780708801640
Author Rodney Castleden
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Language English
Page count 512
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Categories: History

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