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किवकर मैथ्स [ Hindi Version of "Quicker Maths" by M. Tyra - Magical Book Series ]

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This Book is the Hindi version of "Magical Book Series on Quicker Maths".

Miraculous Book for all competitive examinations conducted by Banks, Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), CPO, LIC, GIC, UTI and similar recruiting organisations.


Quick And Shortcut Methods
Large Number of Solved Examples
Catering To All Needs

The competitive exams of the today are virtually a race against time. The candidate is expected to perform an incredible amount of mathematical world in a very short time. The time available for sorting out one question ranges from 0.25 to 0.75 minutes. Given such a scenario, traditional methods of solving questions seem anachronistic outdated, to put it simply. A new approach is the need of the hour—an approach that is speed—oriented and yet simple to follow and apply. It is with this one and only objective in mind that the author has prepared this book.

The book covers every type and variation of the problems that are asked in today’s competitive exams. Short-cut methods are presented and illustrated. These methods are not available in any single book published in India.

The book is profusely illustrated. Avoiding the temptation for haste and ending up with a cookbook the author has put it two years of intensive effort and research. Ideas have been taken from available study material, number theory, readers’ suggestions and, finally Vedic mathematics.

The book will be a boon for the aspirants of today’s competitive exams – irrespective of their background – whether they come from arts, science or commerce streams. Concepts have been clarified so that if one is even vaguely familiar with them earlier as in the case of the non-mathematics students, understanding will not be a problem. Direct formulae are beneficial for one and all. They save time and time is precious for everyone.

Out of stock

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