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Play And Learn Minor Games
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Minor games are those games which is self created by the individual and played in group. Minor games are very important and have their own place in the sports world. Children used to play in groups. While playing they used to learn some basic temperaments and attributes like friendships, truthfulness, honesty, sportsmanship, encourage etc. these constituents are important for their physical and mental growth and development. The present book Play and learn minor Games is consisted of all the important minor games which are enjoyed by almost all the children.

The book is a complete handbook for the children having all the necessary games viz. tag games, musical games, team games, and some important lead up games of football, rugby, basketball, track and field etc. The text are written in simple English keeping in mind the language problems of the students. Hopefully, the present study will be very useful for the students of physical education and sports, teachers, coaches, and one preparing for various competitive examinations.

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