Why is God Laughing?

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Why is God Laughing?

One Man’s Journey to joy and spiritual optimism


Why is God Laughing is a profound yet light-hearted about the connection between spiritual awareness, optimism and humour. It tells the story of successful comedian, Miskey Fellowes, and his friend Franciso as they explore how to overcome fear, egotism and addiction (the three major obstacles of joy), and learn how to become more optimistic. The final chapter highlights how to overcome these obstacles in our own lives and open the door to real joy and happiness. It spells out the lessons that Mickey’s story tells us: ten reasons to be optimistic, even in a challenging world.

Rich with humour and practical advice, Why is God Laughing? Shows us that there is always a reason to be grateful, that every possibility holds the promise of abundance, and that obstacles are simply opportunities in disguise.

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Subject Religion & Spirituality
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ISBN 9781846041420
Author Deepak Chopra
Language English
Page count 187
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Religion & Spirituality

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