Who Said So?

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The Questions Businesses Ask That Make Them Successful

Who Said So? is a business story that will transform the way you serve all your clients and accounts. Using a compelling fictional narrative that contrasts the different management styles of a father and son, it introduces a revolutionary management philosophy called Value-Centered Management.

Value-Centered Management is a customer-focused approach that leads to amazing results that will pleasantly surprise even the most jaded manager or success-minded business professional. In Who Said So?, you'll follow John, a successful yet frustrated team manager, as he discovers and implements this new and revolutionary management style in order to save his biggest client—and his career.

What John discovers changes his entire perspective on management and business. While tradition divides our businesses into different departments with different goals and motivations, Value-Centered Management unites an organization behind one goal—giving customers exactly what they value. Like John, you might think you have to do things the traditional way in order to succeed, but who said so? If a business isn't focused exclusively on customers, what is it focused on?

Who Said So? answers these questions and more. It shows you how to find out what your customers truly value and do what it takes to give it to them. It's an aggressive and effective way to build an organization solely around what your customers want most. As this dramatic business fable unfolds, you'll discover the courage it takes to look at your organization from a value-centered perspective and learn all the steps to rebuild your business with the customer at the center.

Who Said So? is a novel, but one that imparts important and valuable business insight. Step inside and meet John, a manager—perhaps just like you—who has to do something radical to save his most important account. Does he have what it takes to seek out what his customer truly values and then deliver it?

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ISBN 9788126520880
Author Michael E. Parker
Publisher WILEY
Language English
Page count 192
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