Trump University Marketing 101

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Trump University books are practical, straightforward primers on the basics of doing business the Trump way - successfully. Written by leading experts and including an inspiring Foreword by Trump himself, these books present smart business wisdom illustrated by real-life examples from Trump and other world-renowned experts. Perfect for anyone who wants to get ahead in business without the cost of an MBA, these street-smart books provide real-world business advice based on the one thing you can't get in any business school - experience.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Master the basics of great marketing to grow your business
  • Adapt your marketing strategy to difficult economic conditions
  • Understand customers, competitors, and markets
  • Discover your target audiences
  • Position your product or service against the competition
  • Create a great brand from scratch
  • Market residential and commercial properties effectively
  • Develop powerful marketing plans
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Use and advertising and the Internet to promote your business
  • Employ guerrilla marketing techniques
  • And much more!



Table of Contents
PART I How to Build a Powerful Marketing Strategy.
CHAPTER 1 Trump on Marketing.
CHAPTER 2 What Is Marketing?
CHAPTER 3 Building a Marketing Strategy.
CHAPTER 4 Understanding Your Customers.
CHAPTER 5 Measuring and Managing Your Perceived Value.
CHAPTER 6 Understanding Your Competitors.
CHAPTER 7 Understanding Your Organization's Capabilities.
CHAPTER 8 Understanding Your Overall Competitive Environment.
CHAPTER 9 Identifying Your Possible Markets.
CHAPTER 10 Selecting Your Key Target Market.
CHAPTER 11 Possibly the Most Important Chapter in This Book: Positioning Your Product or Service.
PART II Improving Your Marketing Strategy.
CHAPTER 12 Creating Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Brand.
CHAPTER 13 Developing Your Growth Plan.
CHAPTER 14 Determining Your Focus for Growth.
CHAPTER 15 Increasing Your Customer Satisfaction.
CHAPTER 16 Managing Your Marketing Programs.
PART III Implementing Your Strategy.
CHAPTER 17 Product/Service Design.
CHAPTER 18 Integrating Customer Communications.
CHAPTER 19 Advertising.
CHAPTER 20 Identifiers.
CHAPTER 21 Sales Promotion.
CHAPTER 22 Personal Selling.
CHAPTER 23 Public Relations.
CHAPTER 24 Internet Marketing.
CHAPTER 25 Pricing.
CHAPTER 26 Distribution.
CHAPTER 27 Guerrilla Marketing.
PART IV Marketing Real Estate.
CHAPTER 28 Marketing Residential Real Estate.
CHAPTER 29 Selling Residential Real Estate.
CHAPTER 30 Marketing Commercial Real Estate.
CHAPTER 31 Selling Commercial Real Estate.
PART V Marketing During Tough Times.
CHAPTER 32 Marketing During Tough Times: Do's and Don'ts.
CHAPTER 33 Tough Time Marketing: Managing Current Customers.
CHAPTER 34 Tough Time Marketing: Getting New Customers.
PART VI Understanding Numbers.
CHAPTER 35 Financial Analysis for Smart Marketing Decisions.
CHAPTER 36 Conducting Marketing Research.
CHAPTER 37 Forecasting.
PART VII Making Sure Marketing Strategy Succeeds.
CHAPTER 38 The Marketing Plan.
CHAPTER 39 Motivating Your People.
About the Author.


About the Author
Donald Sexton , is professor of business at Columbia University, and principal of The Arrow Group, a marketing and consulting firm whose clients include GE, Citigroup, Pfizer, IBM, DuPont, BellSouth, Kellogg's, and MetLife. Don received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and has been teaching for more than thirty years at Columbia's business school. His numerous articles on branding and marketing have appeared in many journals and he is often quoted by media such as The New York Times, Business Week, and Shanghai's National Business Daily. He has served as Faculty Director of all Columbia Business School Executive Programs in the areas of marketing, branding, and international strategy. A recipient of the Business School's Distinguished Teaching Award, he is a director or instructor in numerous programs for executives in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Don served as a visiting professor at INSEAD for several years and has also taught at the Beijing Management Institute, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, the Australian Graduate School of Management, the University of New South Wales, the University of Tehran, Jagiellonian University (Krakow), and the U.S. Business School in Prague.

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