Touching The Divine (With CD)

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Touching The Divine (With Cd)
How to Make Your Daily Life a Conversation with God

By Gay Hendricks & James Twyman

Touching the Divine brings to modern transformational readers the essence of the contemplative tradition. Emerging from the religious tradition of medieval Europe, this wisdom stresses a spiritual path based on simplicity, love, and personal experience of the divine. The path exemplified by the author of The Cloud of Unknowing and the monk known as Brother Lawrence is in sharp contrast to the dogma or pompous trappings often associated with organized religion.

Union with God is the passionate concern of practitioners of the contemplative life. Just as yogis of ancient India or Zen meditators of Japan discovered, the contemplatives of Europe found that this journey was a psychological as well as spiritual pursuit. The process involved stripping away all pretenses and personality manifestations to reveal the desired state of “naked Being.” Touching the Divine shows us two remarkable models of the contemplative life, along with a method of prayer used for centuries by practitioners of the path.

Edited and interpreted by Gay Hendricks and James Twyman. Includes an experiential spoken-word CD for whole-brain learning.


About the Authors: Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., is the author and co-author of twenty-five books in conscious relationship, conscious business and bodymind transformation. Included are such enduring bestsellers as Conscious Loving, The Corporate Mystic, Conscious Breathing and Conscious Living. Before founding his own institute, he was Professor of Counseling for twenty-one years at the University of Colorado, where he began teaching in 1974 shortly after receiving his doctorate from Stanford University. Over the past 24 years of their relationship, he and Kathlyn have raised two children, accumulated a million frequent flyer miles and appeared on more than 500 radio and television program.

James Twyman is the founder of The Beloved Community a worldwide organization of people dedicated to peace and spiritual growth. He is widely known as the “Peace Troubador “because of his musical pilgrimages to trouble spots around the world. James is also the author and producer of movies such as Indigo and Into Me See. He Lives in Ashland, Oregon.

Author: Gay Hendricks & James Twyman

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Author Gay Hendricks & James Twyman
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