TOEFL iBT Test Prep

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Whats inside this pack?

    * Single iBT Test
    * Look-a-like screens
    * Test reviews & explanations
    * Extra lessons on Reading skills
    * Ten solved Issue samples
    * List of phobias
    * Rootlist

A detailed look inside...

A lot of students trust their education to have taken care of basic language skills and prefer spending more time on other tests than the basic ones like TOEFL. For those confident individuals, this is aimed and accurate single test software. Like the TOEFLiBT Big CD, this too helps you ace the TOEFL.

A joint Venture between Canadian firm English TeleCampus – the content provider and – the technology partner makes this package a perfect fusion of top notes content backed by reliable testing platform.

A personal score card is made available which not only denotes a score for each section but also gives a detailed report about how may questions were answered, how many remained unanswered, how many were answered right, how many wrong & the total score.

Extra lessons on the TOEFL reading skills is a new feature added in this version. These lessons start with ‘Basic Reading Techniques” and go on up to “The Use of Objects to illustrate”. The lessons cover detailed notes with loads of solved samples.

A host of other inclusions like pronunciation of any word/sentence in American accent, list of phobias and Root list makes the Toefl iBT Test Prep a choice you’d be glad you made.

A free book English Grammar Study Guide which concentrates on Grammar learning and understanding ability with a number of drills to practice is endowed with.

System Requirements:

Windows: 95/98/2000/NT/XP

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768; 16 bit colour


CD-ROM Drive

Speakers, Microphone

100 MB available Disk Space

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Publisher Education Software Technologies
Language English
Book Format Box

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