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The Rise Of The World’s NEXT SUPERPOWER

“If you don’t read this book, you are going to be left behind. The future of the world will be determined by India.”

With 1.1 billion residents and the fastest growing free market economy, the worldas largest democracy is poised to dominate the world stage. Vinay Rai, one of Indiaas top businessmen and philanthropists, gives an insideras view into his countryas dynamic transformation and meteoric rise. With the economy soaring at eight percent a year, India is a medical and pharmaceutical frontrunner, an R&D powerhouse, a rising manufacturing hub, and an upand- coming cultural trendsetter from fashion to film. Rai also explores what impact this stunning growth will have on the United States in terms of business development and foreign policy, especially regarding China, with which India shares a border. "Think India" is fascinating and essential reading for forward-thinking businesspeople and anyone who wants to understand the new international balance of power and the ever-changing global business market.


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ISBN 9780452289580
Author Vinay Rai & William L. Simon
Publisher Penguin Publication
Language English
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