The Ultimate Selling Secret With CD

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The Ultimate Selling Secret With CD

Essential Strategies for Mastering The Art of Business Influence

By Richard Carswell

• Predict the action’s of others with acute accuracy and negotiate what you want from every encounter!

Use individual differences to build dynamic teams!
Close more sales and provide better service to your customers!
Defuse conflict and raise energy, morale and bottom line profits!
Your strengthe and how to exploit them!
Your weaknesses and how to compensate for them!
How to read a potential mate’s compatibility like a book within 2 minutes flat!
How to size up a potential employee’s behavioral style in 3 minutes flat!
How to read anyone’s personality style easier than reading a book in seconds flat!
Learn the tell-tale signs, mannerisms, speech patterns, speed of speech, clothes etc. to size up potential clients style in second
How to tell if you’ll be compatible in your new relationship?
How to predict compatibility or conflict in any business venture or partnership!

About the Author:

Richard Carswell is one of the most popular professional speakers in the world today! Each year he addresses tens of thousands of men and women on the subjects of leadership, negotiation, selling and personal and business $uccess. His readers and seminar participants learn a series of techniques to get extraordinary results in their lives and careers fast!

Richard Carswell, with persistence and drive has emerged as a leading authority on the development of human potential and higher levels of achievement.A Kodak Award Winning photographer Richard has journeyed to over 135 countries on 6 continents.

Author: Richard Carswell
ISBN: 8188951222
Pages: 328
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