The Secrets Of Successful Sales Management

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The Secrets Of Successful Sales Management

By Tony Adams

Written in powerful language that pulls no punches and minces no words, this book tells you exactly what it takes to become a successful, or more successful manager. More than that, it lays down some unique principles for sales philosophy, man-management and business development which you ignore at your considerable peril.

The Secrets of Successful Sales Management is a frank and intelligent manual for managers and potential managers who want to make the most of their careers. Areas covered include:
— Achieving success in sales
— How to work territories
— The ins and outs of recruitment
— Developing the sales force
— The secrets of man-management
— The fundamentals of sales force motivation

Author: Tony Adams

ISBN: 8179924130

Pages: 220

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Author Tony Adams
Publisher JAICO BOOK
Page count 220

Categories: Marketing & Sales

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