The Philosophy Of The Vedanata And The Vedantasara

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The Philosophy Of The Vedanata And The Vedantasara

By Paul Deussen


Known as the oldest philosophical texts of the world, the Vedas have always aroused much scholarly curiosity. Several thinkers have sought to prise open the hidden meaning(s) with the Vedas with the help of the Upanishads and decode them.


Venerated philosophy scholar Paul Deussen, influenced by Schopenhauer’s metaphysics pursued the study of Indian philosophy for thirty-five years. Following in the path of Max Mueller, he was and still is acknowledge by all Sanskrit scholars , including R.D. Ranade, as an unmatched translator and interpreter of the Upanishads. And although he found the Advaitic principles to be of the greatest value to mankind, he objectively examined of the Vedanta and the Vedantasara is one such rigorous study of the Vedanta with respect to its innate problems and contradictions.


Using the premises of Plato and Kanta to solve the fundamental problem of causality posed to the Advaita Vedanta, Deussen paved the way for the dialogues between Indian and western philosophy. In this book, each verse of Sadananda Yogendra’s Vedantasara has been systematically analysed and provided with important critical notes. The Sanskrit verses have also have given in their original script.



Author: Paul Deussen

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