The Impossible Is Possible

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Challenging observations and thought-provoking insights to help you make the impossible happen in your life.

  •     Always say less than you know.
  •     Know your limits, and then ignore them!
  •     If the shoe fits, don’t wear it.
  •     You always miss the shots you don’t play.
  •     Broken promises cause the world’s greatest accidents.
  •     Eagle fly alone; crows fly in groups.
  •     Do what others say can’t be done.
  •     If envy had a shape it would be a boomerang.

Finally, people are not remembered by how many times they failed, but how often they succeeded. Every wrong step can be another step forward.


Subject Self-help
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ISBN 9788122204800
Author John Mason
Publisher Orient PaperBack
Language English
Page count 196
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Categories: Motivational & Training

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