The Big Book of Presentation Games

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Don't let the audience snooze through any of your presentations! How do you keep an audience from becoming bored or restless during a presentation? Find out with The Big Book of Presentation Games. Stop relying on tired jokes and use these fun-filled, interactive games and activities specifically designed to

  • Build rapport and warm up the audience
  • Provide refreshing "breathers" from the monotony of a speech
  • Get people's blood flowing with physical activity
  • Generate lively discussions
  • Reinforce the key points of your message in an enjoyable way
  • And win back an audience that has tuned out

Each game in The Big Book of Presentation Games is fast, fun, creative, and easy-to-read, and easy-to-lead, and costs little or nothing. Categories also include: great session-openers; icebreakers; climate-setting games; practical jokes and tricks; audience brainteasers; motivation activities; memorable closing activities; and much more!

Subject Business
Packing Weight 1 kg
ISBN 9780070590430
Author Edward E. Scannell, John W. Newstrom
Publisher tata mcgraw hill education private limited
Language English
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Advertising & Branding

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