The 7 Steps Of Spiritual Intelligence

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The 7 Steps Of Spiritual Intelligence

The Practical Pursuit Of Purpose, Success And Happiness

By Ethan M.Raisel & Paul N. Friga

Spiritual intelligence (SQ) is about discovering the “why” of what we do rather than “what” or “how”. This practical guide takes you on a journey through the 7 steps of spiritual intelligence. Exploring Awareness, Meaning and Evaluation will help you to Become Centred in your true self. Then project your SQ outwards, use Vision to take an overview of your situation, act with Projection and finally come to understand your personal Mission.

Each step on this personal journey is explained through positive psychology, brain science and real-life case studies. Through these and with specially developed SQ exercises you will learn to unite brain and consciousness to realize your maximum potential and find answers to your own “why”. Discover the SQ life—the life worth living, the life of purpose, success and happiness.

“Finding meaning and purpose in our lives and actions is one of the core tasks of our generation and this book helps to provide a great start.”
—Robert Dilts, NLP pioneer and author of Sleight of Mouth

“Insightful and intelligent ... Richard adds to our vocabulary a new and important dimension, spiritual intelligence, to describe and to evaluate the human experience.”
—Dr Stephen Porges, Director of the Brain-Body Center, University of Illinois at Chicago

“The Seven Steps makes the development of spiritual intelligence accessible for all. It is at the leading edge and is vital for the individual and for the concerned professional. Read it!”
—Stanley Rosenberg, expert in craniosacral therapy and Head of the Stanley Rosenberg Institute, Denmark

“Richard’s book helps further the growing conversation around SQ. It adds a new dimension to some of our ultimate meanings.”
—Danah Zohar, neuroscientist and author of The Quantum Self and Spiritual Capital

About the Author: Richard Bowell is the founder of SQ Training ( and has lectured on spiritual intelligence for over 20 years. After an honours degree in Philosophy at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, he became part of an international research team into spiritual intelligence that today operates in countries worldwide. He runs training courses, workshops and seminars across the UK, Europe and America.

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