Taking Stock

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A SPIRITUAL GUIDE to rising above life’s

Financial Ups and Downs

In Taking Stock, Rabbi Benjamin Blech offers a wealth of knowledge and insight that comes not only from his immersion in the wisdom of the great spiritual and religious traditions, but from his own difficult experience of keeping the importance of financial wealth in perspective. This revelatory book is a perfect antidote for anyone experiencing negative feelings about their financial situation, providing practical tools to help you move toward a life-view in which success is defined by spiritual clarity, and not by the promises money seldom fulfills.

Like many other investors, Benjamin Blech grew rich beyond his wildest dreams during the dot-com mania – then lost it all when the bubble burst. In this book, the renowned author and rabbi shares the insights that not only helped him survive devastating financial loss but also to grow emotionally and spiritually as a result of his experience. The universal message of Taking Stock will help you reflect on the true relationship between money and happiness, between affluence and genuine blessing.

Subject Self-help
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ISBN 9780814407880
Author Rabbi Benjamin Blech
Publisher Amacom
Language English
Page count 206
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