Still More Games Trainers Play

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Still More Games Trainers Play

By Edward E. Scannel

Here is the creative sourcebook you can rely on to breathe new life into a wide range of presentations and training sessions, promote the acquisition of productive new behaviors, and enhance your overall professional effectiveness.

Still More Games trainers Play is brimming with 101 brief, compelling games and exercises that have been screened, refined and extensively field-tested by training and development professionals. Most can be administered in less than thirty minutes and at little or no cost. All can be easily modified and adapted to fit any speaking or training situation. Accompanying follow-up questions and activities will provoke discussion and reinforce and strengthen learning.

Designed for trainers, facilitators, managers and speakers in all fields, this innovative guide helps you transfer learning from the training context to the work environment.

You'll discover

" Session icebreakers that seize and hold a group's attention.
" Participative exercises that stress verbal response, physical movement, or intellectual activity.
" Motivational aids that spark low-energy training groups and promote effective team building.
" Non threatening games that boost leadership and communications skills.
" Brain teasers that broaden perceptions and enhance problem - solving skills.
" Session closers that summarize and add zing to the end of a long hour a day.

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ISBN 9780070598640
Author Edward E. scannell
Publisher Tata Mcgraw Hill
Language English
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Motivational & Training

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