Speak With Power And Confidence

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Tested Ideas For Becoming A More Powerful Communication

   * Grab the attention of any audience with your first few words
    * Deliver presentations that help you close a sale
    * Gain the upper hand in any negotiation
    * Convey a positive, professional image in any job interview

Whether you’re addressing an audience of one or one thousand, when you speak with confidence, authority, and credibility, you make the kind of positive impression that people associate with a winner. In this highly focused, no-response guide to transforming your speaking skills, celebrated communications consultant Patrick Collins reveals proven strategies to put you in absolute control of your image, your message, and your audience.

These are tools that everyone needs, whether standing on a podium or sitting across the desk from a job interview. In speak with power and confidence, you’ll learn how to:

    * Conquer anxiety about public speaking
    * Grab your listeners’ attention with your very first words
    * Gain a more imposing voice and send the right nonverbal signals
    * Use “command phrases” to grab and hold an audience
    * Handle tough questions and tough crowds
    * Deliver special-occasion speeches such as introductions, awards presentations, eulogies, and toasts
    * Conduct yourself in a job interview
    * Be an effective witness at trials or depositions

Having worked with thousands of clients, Patrick Collins knows that you have the potential to elevate your speaking skills to whole new level. You owe it to yourself to get started today!

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ISBN 9781402761230
Author Patrick Collins
Language English
Page count 288
Book Format Paper Back

Categories: Leadership & Strategy Motivational & Training Personality Development

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