Perspectives on Marketing

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Marketing is not an exact science. Marketing issues are often interpreted, defined, and approached differently by different people, creating the potential for a disconnect in communication. This is particularly true of the client/agency relationship, both sides of which often look at a single marketing issue in radically different ways. "Perspectives on Marketing" provides both sides of the marketing story. Jason I. Miletsky (CEO, PFS Marketwyse) represents the agency perspective, while Michael Hand (director of consumer promotions, Hershey's) speaks on behalf of the client. Together they provide their expert opinions on more than 100 important topics, including the dynamics of the client/agency relationship, the foundations of brand-building and marketing, campaign execution, evaluating success, and measuring ROI.

Books in the Perspectives series are different from any other books on the shelves. Each offers a true 360-degree learning experience that gives readers the opportunity to learn by providing two experts' distinct and often opposing viewpoints on a given topic. The authors have not collaborated; in fact, they have not even read their co-author's submissions. This ensures that you're getting their completely unbiased and unfiltered views. It's a rare chance to get both sides of the story so that you, the reader, can get a more complete understanding of various issues in marketing. Part how-to book and part philosophical debate, "Perspectives on Marketing" covers all the topics that any skillful marketer would need in order to vastly improve their knowledgebase.

Jason I Miletsky has contributed to Perspectives on Marketing as an author. Jay Miletsky is CEO and executive creative director of Mango(formerly PFS Marketwyse), a leading marketing communications agency in the New York metro area. His marketing work has included successful consultation and campaigns for companies including Hershey's, AmerisourceBergen, Emerson Electric, JVC, The Michael C. Fina Company, and more. Miletsky is a featured speaker for numerous companies and seminars as well as a guest lecturer for universities. He is the author of 10 books, including Perspectives on Marketing and Perspectives on Branding,

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Author Jason I. Miletsky & Michael Hand
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