Osho Fragrance

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Touching upon various aspects of our day-to-day lives in a subtle manner, this simple yet powerful book, drawing inspiration from them multi-dimensional vision of Osho, the most radical mystic of our times, comes like a breath of fresh air and leaves us as a better human being.

Swami Chaitnya Keerti is a well-known disciple of Osho. He imbibed Osho’s wisdom and has expressed it in his unique way. He travels across the world conducting meditation workshops and sharing his spiritual sojourn. An articulate writer, he contributes articles to various websites and newspaper, such as Hindustan Times, The Hindustan Times of India, Pioneer and Aha Zindagi—a Hindi monthly magazine of the Dainik Bhaskar Group. Full of life, he is the editor of the magazine Osho World which is published both in Hindi and English from New Delhi. 


Author Swami Chaitnya Keerti
Language English
Page count 224

Categories: Religion & Spirituality Yoga & Meditation Philosophy

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