More Games Trainers Play

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More Games Trainers Play

By John W. Newstrom & Edward E. Scannell

So many exciting ideas have poured in from trainers across Americe since the publication of the best-selling sourcebook, Games Trainers Play, that authors Edward E. Scannell and John W. Newstrom have collected them in a brand new book. Like its predecessor, More Games Trainers Play is a compilation of proven instructional aids designed to help you, the professional trainer, boost confidence , teach important business skills, and create emthusiasm and interest among the participants in your training programs. Discover fresh, original ideas for:

" Enhancing verbal and nonverbal communications skills.
" Reducing the tendency to think in stereotypes or jump to premature conclusions
" Training people to approach difficult problems in more than one way
" Building group cohesiveness and cooperation in your very first session
" Showing participants how to control stress in even the toughest situations

Every one of these time-efficient, no-cost exercises has been tested by experienced trainers and shown to get results. Here are the tools you need to achieve success in your career while helping others to achieve success in theirs!

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ISBN 9780070589640
Author John W. Newstrom & Edward E. Scannell
Publisher Tata Mcgraw-Hill
Language English
Page count 302
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Motivational & Training

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