Market Masters

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Market Masters ( How You Can Become Your Own Market Master )

These are just a few of the dozens of winning tips you’ll find in Market Masters. What does it take to succeed? What do winners have in common? How can their experiences help you succeed?

Ø Play your own game.

Ø Don’t expect immediate results.

Ø Do your homework.

Ø Don’t force trades.

Ø Develop discipline, perseverance and a willingness to accept losses.

According to Jake Bernstein, great traders are created, not born. Those who lack discipline, persistence and self-confidence lose the never-ending challenge of trading profits. But those who survive the battle by using the tools of the masters enjoy the fruits of consistent success. Here is an opportunity to learn from some of the best-known international traders ever: George Angell, day-trader, technical analyst par excellence; Gerald Appel, father of MACD, one of the most widely followed timing tools; Bruce Babcock, developer of trading software and publisher of Commodity Traders Consumer Report — the industry watchdog; George Lane, father of stochastics and one of the most experienced technical analysts in the world; Robert Prechter, the pre-eminent Elliott Wave analyst whose forecasts are followed by traders throughout the world; Welles Wilder, the man behind Delta and RSI and developer of technical tools that have revolutionized the trading world.; Larry Williams, colorful, controversial — a legend in his own time.

About the Author:

Jake Bernstein is president of MBH Commodity Advisors, Inc. in Northbrook, Illinois, USA. He is recognized internationally as an authority on seasonal and cyclic analysis, computerized trading systems, economic forecasting, long wave cyclical studies and investor psychology. Bernstein has written more than 20 books, including Strategic Futures Trading, The Investor’s Quotient, Seasonal Concepts in Futures Trading, Facts on Futures, Cyclic Analysis in Futures Trading, Why Traders Lose — How Traders Win and Market Masters.. He has been trading since 1968. During the course of his years as a trader, Bernstein has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the qualities that either ensure failure or facilitate success. His personal acquaintance with the trading greats makes this book one of his best. There is no substitute for experience in the quest for success.

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