Managing In Times Of Change

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naging In Times Of Change : 24 Tools For Managers, Individuals, And Teams

The Employee Handbook For Enhancing Corporate Performance

By Michael D. Maginn

While change is essential to your organization's survival, it can also breed instability, stress, and even anger among your workforce. Managing in Times of Change shows you how to help managers and employees understand the benefits of change, then flourish within their new environment and responsibilities. Two dozen workplace-proven leadership lessons and tools provide you with a uniquely personal look at the impact of organizational change, detailing strategies to:

Communicate and personify the benefits of change

Isolate and clarify areas of impact

Paint a consistent picture of what is happening

Measure and celebrate progress

Get team members involved

Empathize without always agreeing

Employees required to change how, where, and with whom they work can have difficulty seeing the benefits of a new situation. Managing in Times of Change provides straight talk and actionable advice that will help managers, teams, and individuals understand workplace change, then use that change to strengthen themselves and the organization.

About the Author : Michael D. Maginn, Ed.D., is president and CEO of Singularity Group, a leadership, sales, and management consultancy in Hamilton, Massachusetts. He is the author of Making Teams Work and Effective Teamwork.

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Subject Change
ISBN 9780070598850
Author Michael D. Maginn
Publisher TATA McGRAW - HILL
Language English
Page count 52
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