Analytical Reasoning [Magical Book Series]

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Analytical reasoning or logical reasoning is now a prominent feature of almost every competitive exam. It was the need of the hour to publish a book on this subject. This was and still remains the first and only book on analytical reasoning.

In India there are only few books available that treat reasoning as a subject. In nearly all the books, we find only a collection of questions and their answers. This is the first and only book that attempts to build CONCEPTS of reasoning before coming to questions.

The book gives crystal-clear concepts of all topics. In addition quicker techniques are given wherever possible. This would mean that students who read this book (i) will have the ABILITY to solve questions of reasoning (ii) IN TIME. This is what makes this book magical.

The book covers every type and variation of the questions that are asked in today’s competitive exams. Eight new chapters have now been added to include some latest trends and topics. Such an exhaustive and complete collection of questions is not available in any single book published in India.

Editor: This is one of the best book I have every found on analytical reasoning.

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Subject Math
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ISBN 9788190458920
Author MK Pandey
Publisher BSC Publication
Language English
Page count 710
Book Format Paper Back

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