Lecture Notes On Immunology - 4/E

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Lecture Notes On Immunology - 4/E



By Gordon Reeves, Ian Todd



Lecture Notes on Immunology is a best-selling core text, providing a concise introduction to immunology. It focuses on basic science but informs the reader of the clinical relevance where appropriate for a clear understanding of the cells, molecules and processes of the immune system.

The book has been thoroughly updated to include new sections on: the interaction between innate and adaptive immunity; the roles and regulation of T-cell subpopulations, cytokines and adhesion molecules; genetic and environmental factors affecting susceptibility to infection, immunodeficiency and atopic disease.

Clear and concise: no waffle, easy to use for revision.

Written by a scientist and a scientist physician, resulting in a balanced text, relevant to medical students and allied health students.

Takes an integrated approach combining basic science with clinical information: of value to students who need to know the clinical relevance of the basic science.

Part I: Immunity And The Immune System:
1. The Nature Of Immunity
2. Antigen Recognition
3. Lymphocytes And Cytokines
4. Lymphocyte Function And The Lymphoid System
5. Immunoglobulins
6. Complement
7. Phagocytes
8. Mast Cells, Basophils And Eosinophils
9. Killer Cells
Part II: Immunopathology:
10. Immunity And Infection
11. HIV Infection And AIDS
12. Immunodeficiency Disorders
13. Allergy And Autoimmunity
14. Mechanisms Of Immunological Tissue Damage
15. Susceptibility To Immunological Disease
16. Lymphoproliferative Disease
17. Transplantation

Reviews :

"A splendid small text. It has a good level of detail despite its brevity and it is well-illustrated with tables, diagrams and key points boxes." 2nd Opinion, Edinburgh Medical School Gazette




Authors: Gordon Reeves, Ian Todd

ISBN: 1405121580

Pages: 267
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Author Gordon Reeves & Ian Todd
Publisher Ane
Page count 267

Categories: Medical, Pharmacology & Immunology

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