Lecture Notes Neurology - 8/E

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Lecture Notes Neurology - 8/E

By Lionel Ginsberg

Lecture Notes: Neurology is a core text for medical students and junior doctors, who want a concise introduction to clinical neurology. The book is divided into two parts and contains the core neurological information required, whatever branch of clinical medicine is chosen. The latest advances in the diagnosis and management of neurological diseases are concisely covered.

Part 1

The Neurological Approach is examined and looks at Neurological history taking, consciousness and cognitive function. Vision and other cranial nerves, the motor function, sensation and the autonomic function are expanded and discussed in detail. A chapter is written specifically on how to investigate patients correctly.

Part 2

Neurological Disorders are discussed in depth. Disorders covered include:
• Headache and facial pain
• Epilepsy
• Stoke
• Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders
• Head injury and brain tumour
• Neurological infections
• Spinal conditions
• Multiple sclerosis
• Nerves and muscles

Within this part of the book, development and degeneration is discussed along with other neurology and medical specialities. Neurological emergencies are covered as well as Neurorehabilitation.

Lecture Notes: Neurology is written specifically for medical students and specialist nurses and can be used as a core text or as a supplementary revsion resource.

Review quotes for the previous edition
"This book flows beautifully: the material is organised into a logical sequence and the text is concise, lucid and extremely readable"

"Lecture Notes on Neurology' is an excellent book which manages to contain a very comprehensive coverage of the subject matter within a remarkably concise text"
Oxford Medical School Gazette

Part 1: The Neurological Approach
1 Neurological history taking
2 Consciousness
3 Cognitive function
4 Vision and other cranial nerves
5 Motor function
6 Sensation
7 Autonomic function
8 Investigating the patient

Part 2: Neurological Disorders
9 Headache and facial pain
10 Epilepsy
11 Stroke
12 Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders
13 Neurosurgical topics: head injury and brain tumour
14 Neurological infections
15 Spinal conditions
16 Multiple sclerosis
17 Nerve and muscle
18 Development and degeneration
19 Neurology and other medical specialities
20 Neurological emergencies
21 Neurorehabilitation
Suggested references and further reading

About The Author
Dr Lionel Ginsberg is a Consultant Neurologist at the Royal Free Hospital, London. He is heavily involved with the Neurology teaching at The Royal Free and University College Medical School.

Authors: Lionel Ginsberg

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Pages: 208

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Author Lionel Ginsberg
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