Identity And Violence: The Illusion Of Destiny

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Identity And Violence: The Illusion Of Destiny

By Amartya Sen

One of the world's leading intellectuals looks at the deep reasons behind so many of the world's conflicts, and suggests a way to resolution

Amartya Sen proposes in this sweeping philosophical work that brutalities are driven as much by confusion as by inescapable hatred. Conflict and violence are sustained by the illusion of a unique identity, overlooking the need for reason and choice in deciding on bonds of class, gender, profession, scientific interests, moral beliefs, and even our shared identity as human beings. Challenging the view that people of the world can be partitioned into little boxes in terms of civilizational categories, Sen draws on history, economics, science, literature, and his own memories of difficult as well as easy times on three continents to present an inspiring vision of a world that can be made to move toward peace as firmly as it has spiraled in recent years toward violence and war.

‘Amartya Sen is a great humanitarian. His courageous voice comes through loud and clear in this thought-provoking work. Speaking out against dangerous stereotypes and irrational hatreds, Sen analyzes the challenges global leaders face in fighting terrorism and quelling sectarian violence. Identity and Violence identifies the positive public action that is needed to make the world a better place.’ —George Soras

In this great book of social science Amartya Sen brings to our generation a new and modern vision of how to obtain peace, by respecting the humanity and diversity of others. The book has another reward for its readers, since it also opens an autobiographical window on Amartya Sen himself. Living up to his idea for behaviour will make us all better people, as it is also the way to world peace.’ —George Akerlof, Nobel Laureate in Economics, 2001

‘Amartya Sen is uniquely qualified to explore the central conundrum of our time. From 1947 when he witnessed the explosive identity violence of India’s partition, to the identity savagery I witnessed in Bosnia and Rwanda, Palestine and Sudan, and now the war between extreme Islam and the west, our world cries out for solutions. Amartya Sen challenges and sets conventional wisdom on its head as he finds new answers.’ —Christiane Amanpour, CNN

‘Amartya Sen provides lucid and convincing critique of current trends in communitarian and culturalist thinking, underlining for us in a way that only a scholar of his background and learning can of the complexity and multidimensionality of modern identity.’ —Francis Fukuyama

Author: Amartya Sen
ISBN: 0670999210

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