George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt

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An out-of-this-world adventure story PLUS fascinating facts about the Universe

Include 32 Pages Of Colour Space Photos

George's best friend, Annie, needs help. Her scientist father, Eric, is working on a space project -- and it's all going wrong. A robot has landed on Mars but is behaving very oddly. And now Annie has discovered something weird on her dad's supercomputer.

Is it a message from an alien?

Could there be life out there?

How do you find a planet in outer space?

And if you could talk to aliens, what would you say?

An action-packed roller-coaster ride FILLED with masses of all the latest scientific knowledge about our universe.

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ISBN 9780385613830
Author Lucy & Stephen Hawking
Publisher Doubleday
Language English
Page count 299
Book Format Paper Back

Categories: Stephen Hawking Science & Technology

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