Environmental Sedimentology

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Environmental Sedimentology

By Chris Perry, Kevin Taylor

Environmental Sedimentology provides a comprehensive introduction to this rapidly expanding field which addresses the functioning and dynamics of contemporary sediment systems and how these systems respond to a range of both natural and anthropogenically-induced disturbance events.

The book considers a variety of sedimentary environments: mountain and upland, fluvial, lacustrine, arid, urban, deltaic and estuarine, temperate coastal, tropical coastal, and continental shelf. Each chapter provides an overview of the main sources and dynamics of sediment production and accumulation, as well as exploring the impacts of a wide range of natural and man-made disturbance issues. Aspects of sediment management and remediation are also considered as are the potential impacts of on-going and future climatic and environmental change.

Environmental Sedimentology is an invaluable text for advanced level undergraduates in earth science, environmental science and physical geography, and graduate students in the earth and environmental sciences with an interest in contemporary sediment systems.

1. Environmental Sedimentology: Introduction
2. Mountain Environments
3. Fluvial Environments
4. Lake Environments
5. Arid Environments
6. Urban Environments
7. Deltaic and Estuarine Environments
8. Temperate Coastal Environments
9. Tropical Coastal Environments Coral Reefs and Mangroves
10. Continental Shelf Environments

About The Authors:
Chris Perry and Kevin Taylor are Readers in the Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Author: Chris Perry & Kevin Taylor

ISBN: 1405115157

Pages: 456

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Author Chris Perry & Kevin Taylor
Publisher Ane
Page count 456

Categories: Environmental Science

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