Environmental Science And Technology - 2/E

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Environmental Science And Technology - 2/E


By Stanley E. Manahan


Formally established by the EPA nearly 15 years ago, the concept of green chemistry is beginning to come of age. Although several books cover green chemistry and chemical engineering, none of them transfer green principles to science and technology in general and their impact on the future. Defining industrial ecology, Environmental Science and Technology: A Sustainable Approach to Green Science and Technology provides a general overview of green science and technology and their essential role in ensuring environmental sustainability.

Written by a leading expert, the book provides the essential background for understanding green science and technology and how they relate to sustainability. In addition to the hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, and biosphere traditionally covered in environmental science books, this book is unique in recognizing the anthrosphere as a distinct sphere of the environment. The author explains how the anthrosphere can be designed and operated in a manner that does not degrade environmental quality and, in most favorable circumstances, may even enhance it.

With the current emphasis shifting from end-of-pipe solutions to pollution prevention and control of resource consumption, green principles are increasingly moving into the mainstream. This book provides the foundation not only for understanding green science and technology, but also for taking its application to the next level.


Environmental Science and the Technological Connection. Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. Biology and Biochemistry. The Anthrosphere and the Environment. Water. Characteristics of Water and Bodies of Water. Aquatic Biology, Microbiology, and Chemistry. Water Pollution. Water Treatment. The Atmosphere. Meteorology and Characteristics of the Atmosphere. Atmospheric Chemistry. Air Pollution and its Control. The Endangered Global Atmosphere. Earth. The Geosphere. Soil. Environmental Geology and Geospheric Pollution. Geosphere Resources. Life. Ecosystems and Biological Communities. Biotransformations and Biodegradation. Biogeochemical Cycles. Toxicology and Toxicological Chemistry. Technology. Technology, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Communication. Energy and Resource Utilization. Wastes from the Anthrosphere. Waste Minimization, Treatment, and Disposal.


Author: Stanley E. Manahan

ISBN: 0849395127

Pages: 674

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Author Stanley E. Manahan
Publisher Ane
Page count 674

Categories: Environmental Science

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