Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides

These books are a series of Eight GMAT Preparation Guides by the largest GMAT-exclusive preparation provider which was founded by a Yake Graduate, Zeke Vanderhock.

As the company focuses solely on the GMAT (no other tests), it continually updates the guides to reflect the GMAT's most current trends. Questions are refined and strategies enhanced, blending the academic and test-taking skills that have been essential to the success of Manhattan GMAT students around the world.

The Manhattan Guides present the material in such a clear and concise manner. The material is reviewed in a very complete and user-friendly manner. The subjects are taught in a way that gets to the hert of the matter by demonstrating how to solve actual problems in a very thorough and uncumbersome fashion.

Purchase of the Manhattan GMAT Study Guides includes 1 YEAR OF ONLINE ACCESS to the following:

  • 6 Computer Adaptive Online Practice Exams
  • Bonus Online Question Bank [with respect to the specific title of book purchased]
  • Online Updates to the content in the purchased book