An Introduction to Biodiversity

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An Introduction to Biodiversity


This textbook focuses on different organisms studied by students of botany. The Contents have been organized in self-contained units for ease of understanding. The initial chapters deal with fundamental aspects of diversity, its relevance and classification. The organisms are then analyzed, with emphasis on the important characters and systems of classification for each category of organisms. The information has been provided in a conceptual manner rather than describing representative examples of different kinds of organisms.

An evolutionary approach has been adopted in presenting the information, beginning with the prokaryotic viruses and bacteria, journeying through algae, bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperms and culminating with the most visible components of the plant world the angiosperms. During this journey, it was not possible to leave behind the fungi. Although this fascinating group of organisms is no longer classified in the plant kingdom, it continues to find space in textbooks of botany.



Contents at a Glance
1. Introduction
2. Diversity in Nature
3. Relevance of The Study of Plant Diversity
4. Classification of Biodiversity
5. Viruses and Bacteria
6. Algae
7. Fungi and Lichens
8. Bryophytes
9. Pteridophytes
10. Gymnosperms
11. Angiosperms
12. Suggested Readings

About The Author:

Dr. Prithipalsingh is recognized as an expert in Plant Taxonomy, Biodiversity Studies, Ecology and Environmental Biology. His education in St. Josephs College, Bangalore and the Department of Botany, University of Delhi provided him an opportunity to understand different aspects of biodiversity.

He has been teaching since 1971 as a Senior Reader in the Botany Department of Kirorimal College, University of Delhi. He has published numerous research papers in National and International Journals and also edited three books, He has been actively involved in the development and designing the Curriculum and Syllabi for, (Hons) Botany and Zoology, and the Restructured Course of University of Delhi.

As a consultant member for Biodiversity with “The Energy Research Institute (TERI)”, Dr. Prithipalsingh has participated in several World Bank funded research projects, besides completing a project on "Status of Biodiversity Conservation in Punjab" for the Punjab Forest Department. He has also served on the National Consultation Committee for discussing the "State of the Environment Report of India 2001" prepared by the UNEP.




Author: Dr. Prithipalsingh

ISBN: 8180521869

Pages: 232

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Author Dr. Prithipalsingh
Publisher Ane
Page count 232

Categories: Environmental Science

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