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Two language experts map your way to greater vocabulary power via history, folklore and anecdote, as they tell All About Words - how they, began, how they developed and exactly what they mean. Here's an exhilarating, easy way to learn a Word and never forget it! with games, puzzles, exercise and a whole battery of challenging tests.The authors of this book address themselves partly to people who are fascinated by such delving into the ancestry of Words. But they also address themselves to those who wish to enlarge their vocabulary and more narrowly, to those who face examinations that include vocabulary questions. A ll such readers will find the book of value and they will probably have as much fun reading it as the authors had writing it.

Subject English
Packing Weight 1 kg
ISBN 9788183070744
Author Maxwell Nurnberg and Morris Rosenblum
Publisher Goyal Publishers
Language English
Page count 416
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Examination Books


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